This is a dissertation on the topic of luxury fashion and Hospitality. And how d

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This is a dissertation on the topic of luxury fashion and Hospitality. And how do people consume luxury hospitality?
This dissertation focuses on creating a hotel concept inspired by the Yves Saint Laurent brand. A lot of luxury brands are expanding into the hotel business. This dissertation is based on the concept of creating a hotel for the Saint Laurant brand as a way to expand it.

The written document will overview luxury and how people consume it. Main concepts need to focus on Luxury Hospitality and Luxury fashion brands and how people consume it now.
What is luxury hospitality?
Does fashion influence the consumer experience in the hospitality sector? Does it affect their expectations?
What are people’s expectations when they consume luxury? Hospitality,
Do people expect more when a hotel comes from a luxury fashion brand?

The rationale behind your written document is to define the luxury experience and how Covid-19 has changed consumer behavior. Your audience research will look at how likely people are to spend money on a luxury holiday and what they would then expect.
Luxury hospitality sector – contemporary experiences
what are consumer expectations
The location for the hotel was chosen as Granada, Spain.
The reason for this is that it has a lot of infrastructure that combines a mix of Middle Eastern and European architecture.
The original Middle Eastern style inspiration came from Yves Saint Laurent’s house in Morroco. So we want to bring a part of the origin of the brand and its creator to present Europe and the present time. And combine a mix of those two things with a present high-tech style.
( only the outside of the hotel’s facade will be middle eastern style, inside, it will be fully modern and show the brands identity)
Paris, the capital of fashion, is filled with luxury hospitality. This is why opening a new hotel there will be highly competitive. Meanwhile, Granada is a unique location. People are looking for a new experience.
What concepts are essential for luxury travelers? What are they looking for in their travel experiences?
What makes the experience unique?
What aspects of the luxury sector actually make it luxury?

Research to justify why Granada is the best possible location for the hotel. ( location, surroundings, entertainment)
There’s no apparent connection to Saint Laurent, so there is no compelling reason to situate the hotel there. As a business decision, why does Granada make sense? Why not build it anywhere else?
You need to justify the location and prove that this is the best location to build the hotel.
Define things like the activities the hotel provides.
The hotel will have an amazing restaurant collaborating with Spanish star chef Dabiz Muñoz, owner of the three Michelin stars.
And spa collaborated together with La Mer.
Marketing approach.
What marketing strategy would be successful?
Brand Identity – Matrix
PASTEL analysis for the concept of this hotel
Product Price Place Promotion.
Commercial reasoning and why want to respond to modern luxury demands with this kind of hotel?
People love luxury hotels, but why do they need THIS luxury hotel? What makes it different or distinctly appealing?
Market Overview
Competitors research
Include a bit of background of the brand and its history to show the development of the idea
Please contact me whenever more information and ideas are needed.
As well, below is a link of someones else’s dissertation, this is just an example to give you an idea what I am looking for.
Thank you for helping me, and please note this is a very important work for me. Make sure there is no plagiarism.

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